Meditation Battles

Put your practice to the test

The Meditation Battle League is a "head-to-head" competition that allows meditators to put their practice to the test.

Anyone can meditate when the world is calm and quiet, however, the world is rarely calm and quiet. When things are hectic and stressful, that is the time when you actually need mindfulness the most. But rarely is there a chance to prepare yourself for the situation. That is why we created the Meditation Battle League (MBL), to enable you to put your ability to stay mindful under pressure to the test and have fun while doing it. Join one of our events and go “head-to-head” against a friend or fellow meditator.

In Meditation Battle League Matches, competitors sit head-to-head facing each other while wearing Muse EEG headsets that monitor their brain activity. The Muse headset is able to detect a pattern of brain activity that is highly correlated to a meditative state and gives feedback through audio cues. This allows both meditators to hear their competitor’s brainwaves as well as their own. The Meditation Battle is about remaining calm and focused when it matters most.

An earlier version of the software used in our battles was utilized in the following study:

Participants who received training using Meditation Deathmatch showed significant post-training decreases in state anxiety and consistent and significant increases in game score across trials

Feasibility of a Meditation Video Game to Reduce Anxiety in College StudentsPaul A. Barclay, Clint A. Bowers (2018)
Feasibility of a Meditation Video Game to Reduce Anxiety in College Students

Upcoming Battles

The Meditation Battle League will be making appearances all around the United States and possibly even internationally this coming year. Each event's winner will be invited to compete in the Meditation Battle League Championship.

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Recent Battles

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